Navigating The Media World

Meine Vorträge: „Best of…“
The media world is changing. If we want to understand it, we need consumer centirc research, to find out, who people use and perceive media. Examples from UM’s study „Media in Mind“ demonstrate, how people allocate their attention to media and how the 2-step-flow works today in a „network of experts“. The presentation „Navigating the Media World with Consumer Centric Research“ was held at the SEMPL 11 conference in Portorož , November 28th 2008.

Here are a few pics from the SEMPL-conference (Media Trend Seminar) Portorož…

The conference on the first day


The view from my hotel room in Portorož


The conference on the 2nd day (after the big party the night before…)


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